Do we have to rethink our digital presence?

Posted in: Italian Jun 9 2016

As the user base of messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger or Telegram is dynamically growing, a new kind of communication channel is to gain terrain. This could be labelled with the term: ”dark social” similarly to the concept of ”dark web” as these information, this channel is not visible for the public; similarly to those web pages which cannot be crawled by web search engines.  Although the actual capacity of these messaging apps of creating a sizeable follower base is much more limited than Facebook’s,  you can gain a considerable visibility with even a much smaller fan base, as the followers are much more directly connected to your channel.

Based on these assumptions, the author – Riccardo Scandellari – envisions a future where the traffic of a blog will be basically built up by means of closer human relationships fuelled and built by social messaging apps – instead of today’s big traffic sources, the mass social media sites.

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Anyway, currently Riccardo has 0.3k followers on his Telegram channel, while 12.1k followers on Facebook, 62.8k followers on Twitter, 15.8k followers on Google+, 8.3k followers on LinkedIN. If we assume that he can organically reach 10% of his Facebook page fans, then the potential  reach of Facebook is only four times more than Telegram’s.