Content Manager & Storyteller: who they are & what they do?

Posted in: Italian Jun 17 2016

A quite comprehensive article about marketing specialists dealing with content. The post itself is a content marketing effort, as it is promoting their very own online course about content marketing and storytelling. The article covers the following topics with many Italy-specific details.

  • Who is and what is a content marketing manager doing?
  • Why a Content Manager must be a Storyteller too, and what is storytelling?
  • What would really the phrase: ”Content is king” mean?
  • How does one become Content Manager and Storyteller?
  • What requirements (attitude) must have a person working with digital content?
  • Is it useful to follow a course specialiseed in content management and storytelling?
  • How long does it take to become an expert in professional content management and corporate storytelling?
  • Which tools and techniques should a Content Manager Professional use?
  • Content Manager and Storyteller … is there a demand for them on the job market?
  • …etc…

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