A template for digital strategy

Posted in: Italian Jun 23 2016

Gianluca Diegoli proposes a simple method for arranging information, analysing the current situation and defining the main directions of a digital marketing strategy. His working method is based on enumerating and interleaving the phases of customer journey with the digital and non-digital touchpoints – categorising by pull and push methods, plus the various channels used. You can also see an example spreadsheet (in English), plus an other illustration of this method – when the touchpoints aren’t visualised in quite a rigid format, such as a plain table.

I think the approach of stepping back and enumerating all of our current and planned online activities, that is filling in a spreadsheet, and figuring out where the empty cells are, is an indispensable activity for every digital marketer, not only once, but on a regular basis – as both our markets and the MarTech and AdTech world is so rapidly evolving, that we regularly need to revise whether we are exploiting all the new opportunities or just lagging behind.

Un template per la strategia digitale