Targeting Hungarians living in the UK – on Facebook

Posted in: Hungarian Jun 24 2016

Unfortunately I must post something about Brexit today. For this sad occasion I have chosen an interesting post from my country – about targeting Hungarians living and working in Great Britain on Facebook

So if we choose the targeting method: Expats (from Hungary), Facebook will indicate an approximate audience size of 100.000. Should we restrict it to London and a 80km radius around, we still get an audience of 52.000 Facebook users. Other approach is to include those who expressed interest in a few popular Hungarian Facebook page and live in the United Kingdom. The results are quite close (120.000), but interestingly enough not completely overlapping. Playing around with these targeting methods one can estimate the number of Hungarians living in the UK roughly 300.000. This would reinforce the popular belief that London is indeed the second biggest Hungarian city.

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