What companies can learn from Funny Facebook Pages

Posted in: German Jun 17 2016

Facebook Pages regularly posting ”funny” content belong to the most popular Facebook Pages with the most interactions on their posts. Pages like ”Thoughtful quotes with images” or other humorous sites for ”tattoo-free people” have hundreds of thousands of followers. Even though you don’t necessarily belong to their target audience, it is worth indeed analysing the techniques they regularly use to engage their fan base day by day. Felix Beilharz, a German online expert outlines seven different everyday tactics worth considering even if you are about to reach for a professional audience with your Facebook page:

  • Defining the ingroup and outgroup – Building a community based on the ”we are not as others” sentiment
  • The greater visibility of Facebook events – Utilising events as a marketing tool
  • Posting classic memes – Big bold white letters on funny images
  • Running gags – Defining your profile, style and unique approach
  • Referring to others – Linking, replying, reflecting to others’ stuff
  • Images instead of plain text – Conveying your message as text on a background image
  • Nostalgia – Recalling the good old times to strengthen your community

What makes this article a really nice piece of content is that here are a lot of examples taken from funny German Facebook pages to understand all the above concepts.

Spaß beiseite – Was Unternehmen von Fun-Seiten auf Facebook lernen können