Facebook advertising case study for a local hamburger bar

Posted in: German Jul 1 2016

Rarely can one see such a detailed case study about an online marketing campaign what can be read on this recently launched blog. All the details about the concepts, settings und results are meticulously described in this blog post It’s also interesting to see how complex a social media campaign / targeting can eventually become – even if it is about a local business in a small city with around a quarter million inhabitants. Also found that it is a great idea to follow conversions in a local bar or restaurant by providing free wifi which forwards you to a specific landing page upon a successful login – allowing store owners to track conversions on the web.

Wie wir 30.000 Burger mit Facebook Anzeigen verkauft haben.

There is a more concise case study, where you can even read even more details on onlinemarketingrockstars.de too:

Wie drei Ruhrpott-Jungs durch Facebook Ads in einem Jahr eine halbe Million Euro mit Burgern umgesetzt haben