”European SEO Champion’s” Euro 2016 Websites beat even UEFA in Google SERPs

Posted in: German Jun 22 2016

Interesting report about how Nils Römelings’ UEFA Euro 2016 Football Championship-themed websites get millions of unique users from Google Search Engine’s German-language search results. An online marketing specialist who used to create and run various affiliate sites, based on the success of his websites covering various football tournaments, now exclusively concentrates on developing and running football-themed sites with a team of six freelancers.

Instead of going for frequently used, well-known search expressions, they have a long list of relevant topics and keyword combination to target, such as uefa euro eight finals. The entrepreneur’s various web sites rank for more hundred similar keyword combinations in the top 10, achieving better positions than many magazines, online newspapers and official sites’ related content. Although the websites  www.fussballnationalmannschaft.net/ and www.fussball-em-2016.com/ do not look like a revolutionary breakthrough in web design or information architecture, they successfully cover a niche market, and therefore generate a decent income to its owner.

Sechsstelliger Gewinn während der EM – Das ist der SEO-Europameister