About this site

Online marketing articles from non-English speaking Europe

Information & knowledge normally flows from the innovation centres to the periphery. We all regularly read English blogs, listen to American music and watch Hollywood movies – but we have not much clue about what’s happening anywhere else, unless it is coming from our region or culture.

I strongly believe that there are quite a lot of interesting things happening at the perimeter too. In general, information should not be flowing only in radial direction, but should be exchanged by regions which are not considered primary innovation centres – when it comes setting the pace of development of the internet, the web, and online marketing.

On this blog I am planning to regularly cover interesting news, articles, opinions about online marketing, published in various European countries, on the German, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Serbian and Croatian web. Hence the name: Interrete, as it stands for Internet in Latin and Esperanto languages — you name it.

I am a Hungarian online marketing specialist. For more info about me, see: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hungarianwebspecialist